Navus Authorized As SERVO-ROBOT System Integration Partner


Navus team members enjoyed meeting up with Servo-Robot representatives at FABTECH in November, 2016. Mike Teubert (Weld Engineering/CWI – Navus), Megan Gliebe (Sales & Administrative Coordinator, SERVO-ROBOT), Greg Hayzen (General Manager – Navus), Jeff Noruk (President –SERVO-ROBOT)

Here at Navus, we are proud to be an authorized SERVO-ROBOT System Integration partner. SERVO-ROBOT is a leading manufacturer of 3D robot-vision systems and software. They allow us to provide our clients with some of the most advanced robotic arc welding technology on the market. 

SERVO-ROBOT has been producing 3D robot-vision and sensing systems for over 30 years. As a world leader in intelligent automation, they’re our top choice for improving the performance of clients’ joining processes. Their products are unparalleled for laser seam tracking, laser seam finding, and weld inspection thanks to their 3D laser vision technology.

Our team always jumps at the chance to implement SERVO-ROBOT’s laser seam tracker. It allows our clients to precisely locate and scan joints that seemed impossible to reach in the past. Their powerful scanner provides maps of each joint and makes calculations for bead planning more efficient and effective than other systems on the market.

What Is Robot Arc Welding?

Arc welding is a process where a consumable metal is fused to a base metal using a large electric current. Humans are capable of performing this task, but the use of a welding robot can boost performance while reducing risks to your employees and bottom line. 

Welding automation can improve your systems by:

  • Improving the consistency and quality of your welds
  • Increasing your system’s productivity, yields, and throughput
  • Reducing waste, time spent on rework, and cleanup
  • Giving you a shorter path to the market

By choosing this path, you’ll be taking advantage of the latest in robotic welding intelligence and automation. 


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Improving the Joining Process with SERVO-ROBOT

One of the truly stand-out features provided by SERVO-ROBOT is their ability to improve the joining process between consumable and base metals. They utilize lasers to make this process faster and more efficient, saving you time while increasing throughput. They accomplish this through laser seam tracking and automated weld inspections.

Laser Seam Tracking

Also known as joint tracking, laser seam tracking is the real-time monitoring of where a weld will be deposited. The machine will stay slightly ahead of the future weld’s location, anticipating the part’s arrival and welding just the right spot. One of the biggest advantages is allowing for the robot or the machine itself to change its trajectory.

Other adaptive controls include adjustments to:

  • Voltage
  • Wire feed
  • Travel speed

All of these factors can affect your weld bead formation to varying degrees. With laser seam tracking from SERVO-ROBOT, you can benefit from more control to get the perfect weld every time. 

Automated Weld Inspections

Weld inspections are essential for testing whether a part has been welded correctly or not. One of the benefits of automating this process is that it can increase your capacity as well as consistency. It is also ideal for optimizing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reducing scrap, and maximizing good parts.

Automated weld inspections can be achieved in a number of ways, including:

  • 2D vision systems
  • Sensors
  • Eddy current testers
  • Laser scanners
  • Thermal imaging devices
  • Infrared scanners

At Navus, we value SERVO-ROBOT for their unique 3D laser vision technology. Unlike their 2D counterparts, 3D vision systems can detect a part no matter its position. They can tell if an object is upright, lying down, or hanging. This gives them more flexibility and independence than 2D options and makes them ideal for welding different parts together. 


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Navus and SERVO-ROBOT System Integration

We have been working with SERVO-ROBOT for years at Navus. They allow us to provide clients with some of the most advanced welding systems available, increasing their production while removing inefficiencies. 

As Buck Barber, our General Manager explains:

“Here at Navus, we have been working with SERVO-ROBOT for quite some time. With the use of their products, we have developed some of the most advanced welding technology on the market in terms of multi-pass and adaptive fill capabilities. In addition to the excellent on-board tools available with SERVO-ROBOT, we have also been able to use the platform to develop custom functions to take our solutions one step further.”

Can your manufacturing business benefit from robotic automation? Contact us today to see what the Navus team can do for you using SERVO-ROBOT System Integration!


Your arc welding will be taken to the next level thanks to our partnership with SERVO-ROBOT. Automation in welding means that you will get higher quality and more consistent welds. With SERVO-ROBOT’s laser seam tracker, you can take advantage of a system that allows you to find and scan joints more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Navus Automation, Inc., is a leading full-service automation integrator. Our world-class team has a reputation for applying ingenuity to solve complex challenges and deliver customized turn-key systems solutions. From concept to completion, Navus provides robotic welding and automation systems built upon our unwavering commitment to excellence, precision, and reliability.