The Team at Navus: The Ever-Changing Nature of Custom Automation

With the advancement of technology, custom automation is a field that’s constantly evolving. That’s why the development of our team is so important to all of us at Navus. We’ve created a team of creative individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences that collaborate on a daily basis to solve challenges for our clients.

Meet Aaron: Shop Lead

Aaron M. has worked at Navus for 10 years. Intrigued with Navus by the kind of work and projects we do, he had always been interested in welding work. Now he’s an irreplaceable part of our team. We recently sat down and asked Aaron to share his Navus story.

New Things Every Day

Navus: Describe what you do in your role at Navus.

Aaron: I come in first thing in the morning, go through drawings, get with the guys in the shop to get everyone going in the right direction. I do a little bit of robotic programming. What initially got me started was the fabrication and welding side of things. Really, I do just a little bit of everything across the board.

Navus: How did you end up in this career and ultimately at Navus?

Aaron: I was always interested in this line of work, in the welding industry. I think when I interviewed here I was dealing with a long commute from home at my previous job and was looking for something closer. I came in for an interview, but the type of work is what attracted me most to the job. At the time they were starting a project that we’re still working on today. Those kinds of projects are what lured me to Navus.

Navus: What’s your favorite part about your job and working at Navus?

Aaron: I love getting to do so many different things on a daily basis. It never gets boring. I’ve been here long enough, worked with most of the guys on our team for many years, and I just enjoy working with everyone on the team.

I just think we deal with so many cool projects. Our work is always changing. We’re a smaller company, which makes the environment more laid back and creative. Navus isn’t a sweatshop like some workplaces can be. We work on so many amazing things and we’re encouraged to work together and find unique solutions.

Collaboration Never Stops

Navus: Describe some of the ways you’ve seen the team at Navus work together to overcome challenges.

Aaron: Every project we do comes with its own challenges. We run across roadblocks along the way, and here recently we’ve worked on a project where everyone has pitched in and thrown out ideas. It’s just one of those things where we’re very good at working together to solve these issues we have on any project we bring in the door. 

There’s a lot of guys here who are very smart and very good at what they do. Between that and our capabilities we have out on the floor with our equipment, it makes it easier for us to solve these challenges for our clients.

Navus: What have been your favorite projects to work on?

Aaron: Some of my favorite projects have involved traveling. I love getting to see some of the facilities our projects are installed in. Some of the local projects are cool, simply because they’re so close to home, and it’s exciting to be a part of what our clients are doing for the world. But that’s true beyond the local projects. It’s been so exciting to be a part of the advancement of technology through custom automation.

Navus: What do you hope for your future at Navus?

Aaron: The new technology that’s being released every year is exciting. Personally, I enjoy getting to learn about it and keep growing in my role. Navus is getting busier and busier and growing every year. I can’t wait for us to keep growing and help even more clients.

Forging the Future & Clarifying the Complex in Custom Automation & Fabrication

Our team at Navus brings a variety of experience and background to their roles here. We’ve developed our team intentionally to provide an endless amount of creativity and collaboration to ensure that we overcome all obstacles for our clients. Dedicated team members like Aaron who have worked with us for so long are a part of the reason that our high standards for the solutions and products we deliver are possible!

Are you interested in joining the Navus family? Reach out to us today. We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team of engineers and technicians. Learn more by emailing us at [email protected].


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