The Team at Navus: Forerunners of Technology Advancement

Navus has a reputation of delivering systems that work for our clients. We talk about solving client challenges regularly because it’s what we do every day! But how do we do it? We constantly look for ways to use, and even develop, the latest advanced technologies to ensure that our solutions work.

From robotics programming to bridging the gap between academic and hands-on engineering, our team takes their wealth of experience and knowledge to work with them every day of the week. They collaborate to make our solutions the best choice on the market, and think about challenges from every possible angle.

Meet Matt: Automation Technician

Matt is an Automation Technician at NavusMatt N. recently joined the Navus team at the end of 2020, but he’s jumped right into his role creating solutions for our clients’ challenges. He’s been an impressive addition to our team, and we can’t wait to see how he continues to grow in knowledge and expertise at Navus.

Creating Something New Every Day

Navus: Describe what you do in your role at Navus.

Matt: I assemble and install electrical components as an aspect of our automation systems.

Navus: How did you end up in this career, and ultimately at Navus?

Matt: I was in the right place at the right time! In Fall of 2020, I was in my last semester of Electrical Engineering at Pellissippi State Community College. Navus came to visit our class to let us know about them and the work they do, but also to get to know us a little bit. I talked to them, and they thought I’d be a good fit at Navus, and I thought it would be a good opportunity for my career..

Navus: What’s your favorite part about your job and working at Navus?

Matt: I just like that it’s not always the same thing. Every day is a little different. Sometimes it’s similar to something I’ve done before, but oftentimes it’s something completely new. Especially for me, since I’m coming from the academic side of engineering rather than the experience side of it like some of my co-workers. It’s good for me to learn the practical side of some of the academic things that I learned about electrical engineering.

It’s also nice that Navus is a smaller company. We’re able to have input into the projects we’re working on, and to associate with everyone who’s involved with the project. I get to talk to the engineers, the project managers, the other fabricators, and the other technicians. We tend to work closely together that way to find the best multi-disciplinary solutions to the challenges that we face. I like that a lot about our company.

A Team That’s Not Afraid of Challenges

Our team is familiar with materials and fabrication processes at NavusNavus: Describe some of the ways you’ve seen the team at Navus work together to overcome challenges.

Matt: Everyone brings their own expertise to any challenge we face. When we look for solutions, everybody brings a different perspective based on what they know about that type of issue, what the end goal is, and how best to attain it for our client. 

We can collaborate and work together, and you end up getting input from other sides that you may not have thought about. Our team is familiar with all types of materials and the processes for fabricating them. They always bring their knowledge into play, and being a smaller operation allows us to share in those ways and come up with solutions for challenges.

Navus: What have been your favorite projects to work on?

Matt: Right now we’re working on a line that’s going to be a huge part of the future of the automobiles. It feels good to play a small part in the next generation of the automotive industry.

Navus: What do you hope for your future at Navus?

Matt: Honestly, I just like to see the robots dance. As advanced as robot technology is, and the constant advancement of the different tools we have to use with robots, we’re able to bring more and more of them into play and have greater precision with less waste and more efficiency. We create a better product for the end consumer—not only the client we’re working with, but also their ultimate client. It’s nice to be on the forefront of technology advancing.

Forging the Future & Clarifying the Complex of Custom Automation

Navus’ team is made up of hand-picked individuals who bring a variety of backgrounds and experiences to our work. One of our values as a team is the ability to collaborate and overcome any challenges our clients face. Team members like Matt are part of the reason that our high standards for the solutions and products we deliver are possible!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help overcome your challenges through custom automation solutions, or if you’re interested in joining the Navus family, reach out to us today. You can contact us by emailing [email protected]


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