Heavy Industry

Navus engineers have proven through the years that no project is too big. Our facility is built to handle your multi-ton projects, just like our team is equipped with the innovation to find a solution that’s customized for your needs. You know your product and process. Navus knows automation. Together we can achieve the right changes to propel your productivity forward.

Equipped for Heavy Industry Manufacturing

Our facility is created with heavy industry manufacturing in mind. With a 25-ton, dual trolley gantry crane in our high bay, Navus is able to handle parts and test custom automation processes of all shapes and sizes. 

Custom Automation and Integration

The engineers at Navus work around the clock to design a custom automation process that works specifically for you and your needs. Whether your main concern is improved throughput, additive manufacturing, or decreased safety risks to the employees in your facility, we have the equipment and expertise to handle any project. We’ll work with you to come up with a process that accomplishes everything you need, and then make sure that it’s integrated properly with the rest of your facility and team.

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Heavy Industry Manufacturing Projects


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